Bitcoin Cloud Mining

What is Bitcoin Mining? I'll try to make this as simple as possible. Bitcoin mining is a decentralized process that has two purposes: Confirm transactions between everyone on the network by solving computations or algorithms. Create new bitcoins as a reward for confirming transactions Why is this important? Instead of letting the government control the … Continue reading Bitcoin Cloud Mining

What is Bitcoin?

This is the most interesting topic being brought up constantly at any social gathering I go to. Everyone wants to know what it is, but no one really understands it. I've been buying and trading Bitcoin since around June of 2016. As soon as I found out what Bitcoin actually was I became instantly obsessed. … Continue reading What is Bitcoin?

Simple Way to Invest in the Stock Market and the Environment

Here's one of the simplest ways to invest in the stock market, and plant a tree. It adds another meaning to "Going Green". Introducing, Acorns It's really simple. You just sign up, and link any credit or debit cards. They will automatically take your change and invest it in the stock market. It looks like … Continue reading Simple Way to Invest in the Stock Market and the Environment