My name is Kaido Specter, and like many of you my long term goal in life is to achieve financial freedom. On this site I hope to be able to provide you with helpful tools and knowledge to make successful decisions based on my own experiences. I will talk about how I invest my personal time and money, so that you are able to make better decisions based on my successes and failures.

In order for you to be able to grasp my passion to achieve financial freedom. I feel you should know where I am in life compared to where I started. I grew up in several places, both the ghetto and a small country town. My mother was a foreign immigrant single mother raising 3 children, me being the oldest. So, it’s easy for me to say I grew up with zero privilege. I’m telling you these things not for sympathy, but to show you how that a young age I was so desperate to learn about finances not just to invest, but survive. Long story short I’ve been trying to learn for a while. I now have a degree both in finance as well as accounting. I chose to learn finance so that I could learn how money, investing, and the economy worked. I then pursued accounting in order to be able to understand how to record, manage, and budget it.

I know that I do not have all the answers, but I’ve had no one to guide me along a certain path. It’s because of this that i’ve learned so much about so many different parts of the economy and different industries. I believe i’ve learned how to build a successful business after a previous failure. I now know what it takes to live a successful lifestyle.

-Kydo Spector