Budgeting Your Investing

People have a tough time deciding how much they want to save and how much they should invest.

To most of you, when you hear the word “invest” you think of taking a risks. So, you worry if you’re money is safe when it is “invested”.

This may help you decide how much you should put in savings and how much you should invest.


-The general rule of thumb is to always take 20% of your income and invest it. –


I’m not really a huge believer in keeping too much cash in a savings account or anywhere where it isn’t generating decent interest rates.

For those of you who disagree with me.

Here are The Top 3 Paying Savings Accounts for you to make some very easy and safe returns just for keeping you money in the bank.

Also, remember you should always keep enough Cash Reserve.


–  Kaido Specter



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