Simple Way to Invest in the Stock Market and the Environment

Here’s one of the simplest ways to invest in the stock market, and plant a tree. It adds another meaning to “Going Green”.

Introducing, Acorns

Acorns Logo

It’s really simple. You just sign up, and link any credit or debit cards. They will automatically take your change and invest it in the stock market.

It looks like this:

Acorns Sign Up Screen


Before you ask, the reason it asks you for personal information is because you are actively become an investor in the market. So, the IRS has to tax you on your gains, so you get a form just like your W-2 in the mail every year.

To prove to you, I am showing you my own results.

Acorns Returns Image

All I did was sign up, linked a few cards, and left it alone.

If I left this alone and didn’t touch it until i’m 65 years old. Here’s what I can expect to make.

Acorns Potential Graph

Crazy right?!

You aren’t going to get rich, but it’s a great investment.


-Kaido Specter




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